A New Free Little Library for Collinstown

The Collinstown Free Little Library is proving very popular since we introduced it in May 2019, so much so we have decided to make it a little bigger.  Thank you to Johnny Fitzpatrick from Collinstown Men’s Shed and his son Keith who kindly built the new library for us over the past few weeks.

Our library is now much bigger and can hold a lot more books.  We aim to have books for readers of all ages.  There is a great selection of books there today from cook books, to business books, books that are perfect for curling up in front of the fire after a hard days work and loads of books for kids.

The library is positioned so that the small children can reach the bottom shelf themselves to find the book of their choice.  We also intend to continue having colouring pages and activity pages.

How does it work?

The library works on a share scheme.  Take a book and bring a book.  If you take a book for a small child, try to bring one back for a small child and likewise for older children and adults.  By remembering to return your book, or drop one in when you are taking one out, you are helping to ensure that the library always has something for everyone.

Happy reading and we hope you all enjoy the new library.

Collinstown Action Group are delighted with how this project is running and it is great to get support from other groups in the village.  Thank you to Collinstown Men’s Shed (and the family members you roped in!) to build the new library and to Collinstown Tidy Towns for helping us to restock the library.


A New Free Little Library for Collinstown

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