Collinstown Parent Toddler and Baby Group Update

Hi all,

I hope you are all keeping well.  As with all community groups our parent, toddler and baby group has been closed since mid March.  Our group normally runs in line with the school year and remains closed for the Summer months.  For 2020 the group will remain closed until at leastSeptember.  We will review the situation in September and will follow all guidelines in relation to when we may be able to reopen.  If you are a mum or dad at home with small children at this time ,and feel that you would like to virtually join our group, please feel free to message me on 086 0867132 and I can add you into our toddler group whatsapp group.  It’s not a very active whatsapp group, but it is a group of parents with young children in the local area and it might be a useful resource to someone who might like to join our group when we do reopen.

I hope you are all keeping well at this time and that you are enjoying the nice weather.  As always, I will keep everyone updated on any developments in relation to the group.

Stay safe and happy everyone,

Mary Duffy

Collinstown Parent Toddler and Baby Group Update

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