Collinstown’s Little Free Library

We have our very own  Little Free Library in Collinstown.  The library is small but perfectly formed and hanging on the wall on the side of Carmel’s shop, beside where her lovely new benches are going.  The Little Free Library is the world’s largest book sharing movement.

Lesley Gleeson and Teresa Doyle, independently but simultaneously thought of this idea a few months ago and Lesley took it under her wing.  Paddy Dempsey made the brilliant box for us.  Lesley has done a fantastic job and has stocked the library with books for all.  We have books with large text for the older person or those who can not easily read small text, books for children, books for adults, books in different languages and on all different topics.

Come along and have a look at the books.  Take one to have a quick browse while you sit on the bench with a coffee or bring one home to enjoy and read from cover to cover and bring it back when you are done.  If you love it, feel free to keep it, but bring another one in it’s place.  This library is for us all and will evolve as we swap and share our books.  Our library will help to instill a love of reading with our younger residents and hopefully may rekindle an old habit with some of the rest of us.  This also gives us a new way to share used books and to reuse instead of having to buy new.

The Little Free Library map shows the other community libraries that are part of this club.  We are the 1st one in Westmeath and the 9th one to be signed up in Ireland.  As you can see from the map, this is a global club with little libraries everywhere.  Perhaps you will be able to visit some of the other libraries in the club on your travels.

Collinstown’s Little Free Library

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