Collinstown’s One Small Change Campaign

In October 2017 Collinstown Action Group teamed up with Collinstown Tidy Towns to run the Collinstown One Small Change Campaign. The aim of the campaign was to inspire people to reduce their use of single use plastics and to promote more sustainable practices.

We talked about simple changes that could be made by everyone to reduce the use of single use plastics. Businesses in the village got on board and both The Lough Lene Inn and The Maypole Bar agreed to switch plastic straws for paper straws. Carmel’s shop offered a discount to anyone who brought a reusable cup to for their coffee.

Some of the changes that people signed up for at the One Small Change Campaign launch.

Almost a year and a half later both groups are still working towards building more sustainable practices and working with the community towards this goal. Carmel’s Daybreak shop are leading the way by offering used coffee beans to anyone who wants to take them home for use in the garden, saving the beans from ending up in landfill and reusing them in the garden instead. They now offer paper bags should anyone need them. Tidy Towns have helped both Carmel’s Daybreak and The Lough Lene Inn to sign up to the Refill campaign, both businesses are now proudly displaying their Refill stickers, showing customers that they are happy to refill reusable water bottles with tap water free of charge.

Collinstown Action Group have reusable plastic cups, that are available to all local community groups to borrow for use at events, instead of using disposable cups. We would encourage all local groups to take us up on this offer and to promote reuse and sustainability at every given opportunity.

Collinstown’s One Small Change Campaign

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