Don’t recycle!   Reuse at the Collinstown Farmer’s Market.

Collinstown Tidy Towns are delighted to work with Collinstown Farmer’s Market for our next “One Small Change” campaign.   We urge you not to throw out certain packaging from the farmers market, don’t even recycle it – bring it back to the producer and they will reuse it.  This is such a simple but brilliant way to keep things out of landfill and to ensure that items get used to their full potential.  The Farmer’s Market organisers have spoken with the vendors at the market to see what items they can reuse.

  • Teresa Doyle Bespoke Dolls and CraftCraf reuse old buttons, broken beads and satin ribbon.
  • Patrick Dempsey will reuse the jam jars that he uses for his jams.
  • Helen Kelly from Lough Bishop House will reuse the jam jars that she uses for her jams and honey.
  • Coolronan Eggs will reuse their egg boxes with their own labels on them.

So hold onto your empties and bring them to the next farmers market.

Why not take this one step further and bring large pyrex dishes with lids, or large lunch boxes, these can be used to bring home delicious baked goods without needing any extra packaging.  Bring your reusable shopping bags to carry everything home.

Shopping at a farmer’s market gives a great opportunity to support local producers, which keeps money in the local economy, but also cuts out the need for transportation and excess packaging.  Now we are asking you to take this one step further and to bring back the specific items that the producers can reuse.  This One Small Change really is so simple and for everyone’s benefit!

The Collinstown Farmer’s Market takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month – come along on 28th April.

Don’t recycle! Reuse at the Collinstown Farmer’s Market.

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