Palm Sunday

Masses will begin a few minutes earlier with the blessing of palms taking place outside (weather permitting)

Palm Sunday evening
Time of prayer for Palm Sunday with prayers for the Ukraine takes place at 5.00pm

Monday & Tuesday of Holy Week 7.30pm

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be celebrated during the 7.30pm Mass in St Feichin’s church on Monday and in St Marys church on Tuesday at 7.30pm
There will be a nice atmosphere in the church with readings and prayers focused on reconciliation and Gods love. Parents are encouraged to bring their family to either of these Masses.

Holy Thursday
Morning Prayer in St Feichin’s church at 10.00am

Mass of the Lord Supper will be celebrated in
St Mary’s church at 7.00pm. We will gather around a long table placed down the centre of the church as we remember the Last Supper.
At the end of Mass (weather permitting) There will be a procession from the church through the church grounds with the Blessed Sacrament, to the Altar of Repose in the Parish Pastoral Centre.

Night Prayer at the Altar of Repose will take place at 11.30pm

Good Friday

Morning Prayer in St Mary’s church at 10.00am

Celebration of the Passion of the Lord at 3.00pm in St Marys church and 7.00pm in St Feichin’s church
For the evening ceremony, if the weather permits, we will read the gospel outside along the Nellie/Nancy walk, finishing with the veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion at the Abbey.

Prayer around the Cross 9.30pm in St Marys church concluding with Night Prayer at 10.15pm.

Holy Saturday

Morning prayer St Mary’s church at 10.00am

The Easter Vigil St Feichin’s church 9.00pm
Don’t for get to bring small containers to bring some Easter Water Home to bless your home.

Easter Sunday

The Dawn Mass will be celebrated in Fore Abbey at 6.00am
It is a very simple Mass in the ruins of the Abbey. Because of the nature of the ceremony there will be no seating.

Please bring warm clothes – gloves, scarves warms coats are essential. Please also bring hot drinks and snacks for after Mass. Janes Coffee shop will be open after Mass. The Ceremony will begin at the Abbey Car park and we will walk together the short distance to the old ruins of the church in the Abbey. Please do not leave any valuables or anything in your car.

Easter Morning Mass
11.30am in St Mary’s church. (Please note there will be no 10.00am Mass in St Feichin’s

Holy Week Schedule in Collinstown + Fore Parish

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