LLG Healthy Club PLACE Group celebrate St. Brigid’s Day

Members of Lough Lene Gaels Healthy Club PLACE Group will gather tomorrow on February 1st at the club house to make a St Brigid’s Cross. They have been busy the past two weeks as they have started to create a ‘Brideóg’.

In olden times a ‘Brideóg’ was made to represent St Brigid, usually made of straw and dressed like a human figure.

Tonight members will place a cloth outside on the hedge as it was believed that on St Brigid’s eve Brigid travelled the countryside and bestowed a Blessing on the people and the livestock.

It was also believed that the cloth would hold healing power against headache and sore throats.

Our members will then use part of this cloth for the bodice for their ‘Brideog’ and part to loan to family members and friends.

There are many other beautiful old stories and customs about St Brigid.

Over the next few weeks members will finish creating their ‘Bridéogs’ but for tomorrow we will make the beautiful St Brigid Cross for each home.

LLG Healthy Club PLACE Group celebrate St. Brigid’s Day

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