Next Tidy Towns Clean up Thursday 23rd May

We are currently getting the application form for the SuperValu Tidy Towns Competiton ready.  Our Tidy Towns and Action Group Committees have been busy this year so there is a lot to write about.

There are 8 separate sections that are judged as part of the Tidy Towns competition

  • community planning and involvement
  • streetscapes and public places
  • green spaces and landscaping
  • nature and biodiversity
  • sustainability – doing more with less
  • tidiness and litter control
  • residential streets and housing areas
  • approach roads streets and lanes

Once the application is in all that is left to do is get the place neat and clean.  This is important for the competition but benefits everyone.

If you live within the residential estates or roads in the village itself maybe you could paint your front gate, plant some flowers in your front garden or pop up some hanging baskets.

This would also be a great reason to do a neighbourhood cleanup, perhaps pick weeds and sweep along kerbing in the area around your own home – ask you neighbours to come along and get involved and you will be amazed at what can be done in an hour if everyone works together.  This will be great for the “residential streets and housing areas” aspect of the competition and will be lovely for everyone living there.  If you do get together and do a clean up on your road we would be delighted to post group photos of your efforts here with our other Tidy Towns work – send them on to

The next village clean up day is Thursday 23rd May at 7.00pm.  Meet outside Carmel’s and please bring yard brushes, shovels, gloves, hoes and whatever you have that might be useful.

Next Tidy Towns Clean up Thursday 23rd May

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