Parent, Toddler and Baby Group – Coronavirus update

Collinstown Parent, Toddler and Baby Group will be closing until after the Easter break due to the Covid19 pandemic. We were due to be closed this coming Monday anyway due to St. Patrick’s Day but we will remain closed for the following weeks until after the Easter school holidays. We will extend this closure if necessary.

We are sorry to disappoint our families but trying to implement social exclusions on toddlers would be a challenge too big. Our small people will not understand having to leave a 2m space between each other and getting them to cough into a tissue is a whole other challenge.  Safety of everyone in the community is our main concern.

We would like to encourage all our members and everyone in the community to stay safe and mind your physical and mental health in this stressful time.

See you all safe and well in a few weeks.

Parent, Toddler and Baby Group – Coronavirus update

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