E mail collinstownforeparish@gmail.com
Fr Patrick is available after any of the Masses if you wish to speak to him. Bookings for anniversary Masses, Baptisms & Marriages are taken after Mass in The Parish Pastoral Centre for St Mary’s church and beside the Baptismal font for St Feichin’s church during this time of Pandemic. Strictly no entry to the Sacristies.
Thank you for wearing a face covering when coming to Mass
Please put it on before you get out of the car and don’t remove it until you get back into the car.
Covid 19
Thankfully we continue tobe allowed to gather for Mass and sacramental celebrations during this time of pandemic. This is all on condition that we keep to the guidelines.
In this parish numbers will be limited to 50 people in each church and extra Masses have been provided to help in this.
For all Masses please fill the inside ofthe pew first and also fill the front seats of the church first.. Please also continue to follow the direction of the stewards regarding where to sit.
All Adults must now wear a face covering if your heath permits. The face covering is the best way of limiting the spread of the virus to others. The vizers are permitted only if your health prevents you from wearing the face covering.
Face coverings should also be worn in the car park and not taken off until you get to your car.
If you have a cough, cold or flu please kindly do not attend Mass.
Please follow all the other guidelines regarding gatherings in houses. If you are invited to a gathering and it goes against guidelines you should leave. For our churches and schools to open and remain open, it depends on the whole community adhering to the guidelines.
Reopening of our parish schools
Best of luck to all our young people returning to school in the coming time.
The reopening of schools and their ability to stay open depends on everyone in the community and not just those with children. How can you help?
– Regular hand washing
– Practising 2 meter social distancing
– Wear a face covering in situations where there are many people such as shops, supermarkets, churches, social gatherings etc
– Avoid places which are not safe and not following the guidelines
– Avoid people who are not taking the precautions seriously
– No foreign holidays
– No house parties or large gatherings in your home.
– Be cheerful and encourage one another as we all do our best to get through this pandemic.
Don’t make exceptions or compromises even for special or sad occasions as the Covid virus won’t make exceptions.
Parish Draw
Tickets are being distributed these weeks for the Draw for €10,000 taking place on Sunday 20th of September.
Fr Patrick appreciates everyone’s support and generosity in selling the tickets for the draw with first prize being €10,000.
Monthly loan repayments continue to be paid.
In order to keep the loan repayments met for the next 12 months as well as create a safety net for the unpredictable months ahead, we have no choice but to push ahead with the Draw in these uncertain times.
Your help and support is needed now more than ever due to the unpredictable months ahead. Money raised from the draw will as usual only go towards the prizes and loan repayment. Your understanding and support would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to those who have sold their tickets.
Sacramental Dates for 2021 Due to the pandemic dates for first Confession and 1st Holy Communion will not be set until January 2021
Bishop Tom has indicated that he will not set dates for Confirmation until the end of October.
Mass Schedule during this pandemic.
The Bishops have stated that “the Sunday obligation has been dispensed with for the time being”. Every Mass is now a Sunday Mass.
Weekend Mass
St Feichin’s
Vigil 5.00pm (extra Mass)
Sunday 10.00am
St Mary’s
Vigil 7.30pm
Sunday 11.30am
1.00pm (extra Mass)
Please note the Church will be closed immediately after all Masses and ceremonies for cleaning.
Weekday Mass.
Monday 7.30pm St Feichin’s
Tuesday 10.00am St Mary’s
7.30pm St Feichin’s .
Wednesday 10.00am St Mary’s
7.30pm St Feichin’s
Thursday 10.00am St Mary’s
These weekday Masses may change from week to week so please check the newsletter.
Parish income last Sunday.
St Marys
Basket €127.27 Envelope €184.50
St Feichin’s
Basket €244 Envelope €260.50
Thank you for your financial support.
Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
A big thanks to all who are giving their offering on line. It is being carefully recorded in the same way as the physical envelope is.
Meeting Fr Patrick
During this pandemic no one is permitted to enter the sacristy except Fr Patrick and the Sacristan.
If you wish to meet Fr Patrick after Mass to book Masses, baptisms, weddings, Mass Cards- it will take place in a safer area..
For St Mary’s church it will be the Parish Pastoral Centre and for St Feichin’s it will be at the Top of the church beside the baptismal font (this will mean re- entering the church again). Please, if you can wear a face covering at these meetings. Also bookings can be made by e mail. The new parish e mail is collinstownforeparish@gmail.com
Parish Administration
Safe Guarding
Parish Safe Guarding Children -Policy available in the Sacristy. Concerns contact the Parish Safeguarding reps- Elaine Leahy, Pauline Kennedy, Anna Marie McKenna.
The Designated Liaison Person is Marie O Sullivan
0833175742 Tusla 0469098560 Gardai National Protective Services Bureau: Tel. 01 6663430
For complaints procedure of any other information visit:
All consent forms and Adult Volunteer forms are securely locked in the Parish Office in compliance with GDPR.
Sacrament of Baptism
To book a Baptism contact Fr Patrick by e mail or in the Parish Pastoral Centre after Mass in St Marys or at the beside the baptismal font after Mass in St Feichin’s
Godparents must be committed practising Catholics. Baptisms take place on Saturdays.
Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
On Request.
Sacrament of Reconciliation
On Request
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Takes place in St Mary’s church on Thursdays 8.00pm – 9.00pm
Parish Newsletter 23 August 2020