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Jesus speaks in the gospel about being still alive even after his death. Mostly we find Jesus alive in the love of others. There is an energy of love which is connected to the energy of God, for God is love. There are times we find God close to us in prayer; but where we sense him alive mostly is in the ordinary and extraordinary loves of everyday, in marriage, family, friendship and care for others.

Many of us do not realise that in this way we have been Christ-bearers. In listening to another, in care of all sorts, in putting ourselves out for the other, in working for justice and for peace the Spirit of God is alive and people are touched by God’s love through the co-operation of ordinary men and women.

God – Close in Love
In receiving and giving love, God is close to us. We can look over a day or week, and sense that the love we have shown or received is just a pale reflection of God’s love for each of us.

Lord, make our love cheerful and kind. Let us know always that human love reflects your love.
Donal Neary SJ

Public Worship resumes on 10 May

On Monday 10 May we will gather together again for the celebration of the sacraments. The maximum number of people permitted to attend is 50. Fr Patrick in the early weeks will put on extra Masses so that as many as possible can be facilitated especially at the weekend.

Weekend schedule starting from 15/16 May
St Mary’s 7.30pm Vigil, 11.30am & 12.45pm Sunday.
St Feichin’s 4.45pm & 6.00pm Vigils, 10.00am Sunday.
These Masses will be reduced over the weeks according to numbers in attendance.

Baptisms will take place on Saturday’s beginning from the 22 May. Time slots – 1.00pm, 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Bookings taken by e mail only
Please follow government guidelines regarding celebrations after the church ceremony.

The government are advising that Confirmation ceremonies do not take place at this time, with some Bishops around the country waiting until the autumn. As soon as Bishop Tom issues dates or gives some indication when Confirmation ceremonies might start Fr Patrick will contact parents through the schools.

In the meantime Fr Patrick will begin organising the enrolment Masses and the other preparation Masses which will hopefully begin at the end of May and continue through the summer during weekday evenings. Again Fr Patrick will communicate this in a letter to parents through the school.

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion ceremonies in this parish are likely to take place in late August before the schools return for the new academic year. Once a decision has been made Fr Patrick will communicate this to parents through the schools in the coming week. The ceremonies will be similar to last year and will be kept very simple, and unless the government increase the numbers allowed to attend public worship, it will only be the children for First Holy Communion and parents.

Over the summer months Fr Patrick will organise the enrolment Masses and the preparation Masses which will take place during the weekday evenings. All this will be communicated to the parents hopefully this week.

From 10 May 50 people can attend the church ceremony.

50 people can attend funerals from the 10 May. But gathering for wakes and receptions after the burial is not permitted at this time.

Sanitising of the churches after all ceremonies will continue. Face coverings must be worn until the government state otherwise. Hand sanitising will continue.
Fr Patrick would be delighted to have the assistance of the stewards who helped before Christmas at the weekend Masses. New Stewards would also be most welcome in order to spread the workload.

Households must continue to sit separately and sit were the stewards direct, please be patient and follow the assistance of the stewards, they are there to keep everyone safe.

Parish Webcam
Weekend Masses and daily Masses will continue to be streamed which hopefully will be helpful those who are sick or the elderly and keep them in contact with parish life. If you are still nervous about large gatherings at Mass you are encouraged to attend one of the week day Masses.


Daily Mass for the Week ahead

St Feichin’s church
Monday 7.00pm
Tuesday 7.00pm
Wednesday 7.00pm

St Mary’s church
Monday 10.00am
Tuesday 10.00am
Wednesday 10.00am
Thursday 7.00pm

Mass will continue to be streamed live.
St Mary’s church webcam –

St Feichin’s church webcam- Or go to Scroll down to find county and then find the church

Parish Administration
Safe Guarding
Parish Safe Guarding Children -Policy available in the Sacristy. Concerns contact the Parish Safeguarding reps- Elaine Leahy, Pauline Kennedy, Anna Marie McKenna.
The Designated Liaison Person is Marie O Sullivan
0833175742 Tusla 0469098560 Gardai National Protective Services Bureau: Tel. 01 6663430
For complaints procedure of any other information visit:

All consent forms and Adult Volunteer forms are securely locked in the Parish Office in compliance with GDPR.

Parish Finance
Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
Thanks to all those who are supported the Parish financially over the last few months of lockdown.
Fr Patrick understands that many are not in a position to do so due to loss of work and change in circumstances.

Stored up envelopes can be placed in the special collection box as you enter the church.

Thanks to parishioners who are giving their offering on line. It is being carefully recorded in the same way as the physical envelope is. When contributing online please remember to include your envelope number.
Parish Cemeteries
Unfortunately people are dumping their old wreaths and pots into the edges of both cemeteries, some of the rubbish spills onto peoples graves or is left lying close by and this as you can imagine is very distressing for the families concerned. Please bring home all used materials. It really is disrespectful to the dead and unfair on people having to dispose of your rubbish. The parish is committed to keeping the grass cut and weeds sprayed as best we can but keeping the cemetery tidy and free of rubbish should be a community effort.
Well done to everyone who keeps their plot tidy throughout the year and who bring home their used materials.

Priesthood and religious life.
If you think you might be interested in becoming a priest or religious you are welcome to chat to Fr Patrick to explore the idea further in confidence. Alternatively you can contact the Vocations Director and details can be found on

Parish Webcams
Web cams have been installed in St Mary’s church and St Feichin’s church. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as this is most compatitble with the system.
In the early weeks I will make a note each day on the parish facebook page of when and where Mass will be broadcast from along with the direct link. But in time hopefully you can rely on the Parish newsletter for the times and go directly to .
On your Laptop / Mobile phone / Tablet. Go to Google Chrome in your browser.
Once in the site, click in ‘Search for your Church’, and start to type in the name of the Church and the Church will appear. Click on the play button to view live stream.

A Roku Device. This is the most reliable method to watch Mass. This little stick / device plugs into the back of your TV. This is available from Currys PC World priced at £29.99 / €35.
Available from Argos

Roku Stick instructions for setup
Plug stick into the back of your TV into the HDMI Port and using the remote control connect to your WIFI
Go to Home Screen and push across to the right Push up until you see ‘Add Channel’ and select Select ‘Search Channel’ and type in Church Media Church Media – Live Streaming will appear
Select and then select ‘Add Channel’
Push ‘Home’ Button and Church Media will appear on your Home screen. Select your chosen Church to join mass.

Blessing of the Graves
It looks unlikely that a normal cemetery Sunday will happen this year. Masses on the weekend of 29/30 May (Trinity Sunday) will be offered for all those buried in our local cemeteries. You are encouraged to visit the graves of loved ones that weekend or to place flowers on your loved ones graves. Fr Patrick will bless the graves with Holy Water in private that weekend.

Parish Newsletter 9 May 2021

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