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Weekend Mass schedule

St Mary’s 7.30pm Vigil, 11.30am & 12.45pm Sunday.
St Feichin’s
4.45pm & 6.00pm Vigils, 10.00am Sunday.

Reek Pilgrimage on Croagh Patrick to be four days per week in July

The annual Reek Sunday Pilgrimage on Croagh Patrick, which was cancelled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be going ahead this year albeit in a much extended format from Wednesday to Saturday, 1- 31 July. Pilgrims are asked to plan their climb well in advance, and to choose a weekday when Croagh Patrick is quieter. The Reek Pilgrimage normally takes place on the last Sunday in July, however the indulgence for the pilgrimage extends throughout the summer months up to the end of September. This is the first time in the history of the pilgrimage that such an extended pilgrimage programme is offered in order to facilitate those wishing to fulfil the obligations of the pilgrimage on the mountain.

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus sends his twelve apostles to go and invite the people to change their attitudes towards God. Jesus orders the twelve to travel light, not carrying with them anything except sandals and a staff. There is an urgency in the preaching of the good news and the messengers need to travel light to be able to reach a wider circle of people.
Moreover, Jesus sends the twelve in pairs. It would have been much more practical to send them out on their own, then there would have been twelve different missions happening at the same time, and not only six, but the witness of two is stronger than that of one! Later on Jesus was to tell his disciples: ‘…where two or three are gathered in my name …’ (Matthew 18:20), and ‘…that they may be one …’ (John 17:21).
The witness given by people living together in community, living and loving one another, is much stronger and more convincing than the message of an individual!

Caring for our common home

As Christians we have to make a decision about whether we commit ourselves to caring for our common home or not. Will we find some excuse to excuse our involvement or will we remain passive or ignore the Pope’s call to action in defence of our common home? Or will we become actively engaged individually, as a community and as a parish endeavouring to protect our common home so that God’s creation so freely and generously given to us can sustain all life into the future?

To commit ourselves to this task calls for, what Pope Francis titles ‘an ecological conversion’ (LS216). What does this mean? In practice it involves embracing an ‘ecological spirituality’ (LS216) which will sustain us in our commitment to care for our common home.

The first step towards the development of an ecological spirituality is a profound interior conversion, an opening of our eyes to what is happening to our common home.

Another step is to develop ‘a loving awareness that we are not disconnected from the rest of creation, but joined in a splendid universal communion’ (LS220). In other words, what I do or do not do affects the world around me for good or for ill. A further step is recognising that as Christians we do not view the ‘world from without but from within’, being every more aware and conscious ‘of the bonds with which the Father has linked us to all beings’ (LS220). By opening our eyes, we deepen our awareness ‘that each creature reflects something of God and has a message to convey to us’ (LS221).

Finally, an acceptance and recognition that God created our world. In doing so he wrote into it ‘an order and dynamism that human beings have no right to ignore’ (LS220).

Embracing an ‘ecological spirituality’ will sustain us as we – as individuals and with others – challenge those who through their activities or personal interest have no desire to care for our common home. ‘By developing our individual, God-given capacities, an ecological conversion can inspire us to greater creativity and enthusiasm in resolving the world’s problems and in offering ourselves to God ‘as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable’ (LS221).
Are we up to the challenge?

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Thursdays in St Mary’s church from 7.30pm – 9.30pm.

St Mary’s church cleaning
A new cleaning rota is being put together. We urgently need people to join the cleaning teams. New people did volunteer in and around the lockdown- could those people contact Fr Patrick again through email. The more people we have the less of a burden it will be. It’s important especially during these times that our churches are kept clean.
All interested people please e mail

Baptisms take place on Saturday’s Time slots – 1.00pm, 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Bookings taken by e mail only
Please follow government guidelines regarding celebrations after the church ceremony.

First Holy Communion
First Holy Communion ceremonies in this parish will take place on 4 September. After the announcement this week this is subject to change due to the 4 wave of the virus.

When the health authoirties lift the restrictions announced during the week Bishop Tom will issue a date for the Confirmation.
50 people can attend the church ceremony.
50 people can attend funerals. But gathering for wakes and receptions after the burial is not permitted.

Sanitising of the churches after all ceremonies will continue. Face coverings have to be worn until the government state otherwise. Hand sanitising will continue.
When you arrive at your seat please fill the inside next the wall first.
Households must continue to sit separately and sit where the stewards direct, please be patient and follow the assistance of the stewards, they are there to keep everyone safe. ______________________________________________________

The Annual Parish Draw
The tickets are ready for collection by our volunteers. Thanks to our volunteers who have agreed to deliver the tickets and accompanying letter. Due the pandemic the tickets will be dropped through the letter boxes.

The annual parish draw takes place on the 19 September. A book of tickets will be dropped into parishioners homes and you are encouraged to sell the tickets as best you can. As usual there will be 12 tickets in a book and either keep the last two tickets yourself or sell the two and keep €20.
1st Prize €10,000, 2nd Prize €1000 3rd prize €500


Priesthood and religious life.
If you think you might be interested in becoming a priest or religious you are welcome to chat to Fr Patrick to explore the idea further in confidence. Alternatively you can contact the Vocations Director and details can be found on


Parish Finance
Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
Thanks to all those who are supporting the parish financially. Thanks to parishioners who are giving their offering on line. It is being carefully recorded in the same way as the physical envelope is. When contributing online please remember to include your envelope number.

Parish income last Sunday.
St Mary’s €102.05 St Feichin’s €161
St Mary’s €455.50 St Feichin’s €427.40
Donations through online banking for June €480
Thank you for your support.

Parish Administration
Safe Guarding
Parish Safe Guarding Children -Policy available in the Sacristy. Concerns contact the Parish Safeguarding reps- Elaine Leahy, Pauline Kennedy, Anna Marie McKenna.
The Designated Liaison Person is Marie O Sullivan
0833175742 Tusla 0469098560
Gardai National Protective Services Bureau: Tel. 01 6663430
For complaints procedure of any other information visit:

All consent forms and Adult Volunteer forms are securely locked in the Parish Office in compliance with GDPR.

Sacrament of the Eucharist


Daily Mass for the Week ahead

St Mary’s church St Feichin’s church
Tuesday 10.00am Wednesday 7.00pm
Thursday 10.00am
Friday 10.00am

Mass will continue to be streamed live.
St Mary’s church webcam –

St Feichin’s church webcam-

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Parish Newsletter for 11 July 2021