Parish Newsletter for 21 February 2021

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Mass during these restrictions will be celebrated in private in the Oratory in the Parochial House. Fr Patrick will offer the weekday Masses at around 10.15am and the Sunday Mass at 11 am. You are encouraged to join in via the parish facebook page ‘Collinstown + Fore Parish’

Sunday 21 February
Sheila & Mick Farrelly
Margaret & Dan Carthy
Harry Farrelly
Eugene Kelly

Sunday 28 February
Thomas & Mamie O Reilly
Rose Gurran

Lent 2021

There is always someone in the community who needs to be healed, who needs the kind of touch that brings healing and peace. The touch of Christ. To be effective it does not have to be a physical touch. That is not crucial; what is crucial it that you are reaching out. It is hearts that must touch, even when hands do not. Very often that involves listening with empathy to a problem we cannot solve. To reach out you only need the compassion God gave you when he made you.

What do we do (for Lent) ? With it the recurring Catholic question: What will I give up for Lent? The drink or sweets, binging on ‘Netflix’ or taking to social media to vent our grievances? The waistline penance, fast for the new swimwear, the Costa del Sol look. Not too bad, but not particularly Christian, hardly in the image of Christ. This Lent do not think just about giving up something; simply give. Not something; someone. Give yourself. Imitate the compassionate Christ. Be honest and humble before with one another. Listen when someone asks you for a few minutes of your time, for the compassion in your heart. If you hear that plea, try not to ignore it. It just might be Christ.
Archbishop Dermot Farrell
Sunday 14 February 2021


“Esperanza” (Hope)

When the storm passes and the roads are tamed,
and we are the survivors of a collective shipwreck.

With a weeping heart and a blessed destiny we will feel happy just for being alive.

And we will hug the first stranger and praise the luck of not having lost a friend.

And then we’ll remember everything we lost
And all at once we will learn all we had not learned before

We will no longer be envious because we have all suffered
We will no longer be lazy and will be more compassionate

What belongs to all will be worth more than that never achieved
We will be more generous and much more committed

We will understand how fragile it means to be alive. We will sweat empathy for who is and who has left.

We will miss the old man asking for a dollar in the market we didn’t know his name although he was next to us

And perhaps the poor old man was your God in disguise.
You never asked for his name because you were in a hurry.

And everything will be a miracle and everything will be legacy.
And life will be respected, the life we have won.

When the storm passes,
I ask God, full of sadness to return us to be better as he had dreamed we would be.
Alexis Valdés

Safe Guarding
Parish Safe Guarding Children -Policy available in the Sacristy. Concerns contact the Parish Safeguarding reps- Elaine Leahy, Pauline Kennedy, Anna Marie McKenna.
The Designated Liaison Person is Marie O Sullivan
0833175742 Tusla 0469098560 Gardai National Protective Services Bureau: Tel. 01 6663430
For complaints procedure of any other information visit:
All consent forms and Adult Volunteer forms are securely locked in the Parish Office in compliance with GDPR.
Parish Finance
Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
Thanks to all those who are supporting the Parish financially during these unprecedented times, it is greatly appreciated. Fr Patrick understands that many are not in a position to do so due to loss of work and change in circumstances.
Those who wish to continue their weekly contribution to the Parish can drop their parish envelope through the letter box of the Parochial House.
Thanks to those who are storing up the envelopes and hope to bring them to Mass when the Government lifts the restrictions.
Thanks to parishioners who are giving their offering on line. It is being carefully recorded in the same way as the physical envelope is. When contributing online please remember to include your envelope number.


Celebration of the Sacraments
During these times of restrictions Mass will not be celebrated in public. Please join with Fr Patrick on the parish facebook page- ‘Collinstown + Fore Parish’

Only 10 mourners can attend funerals.

Please note that it is not permitted for people to congregate outside the church during the funeral Mass or to congregate at the graveyard. This is due to the virus being so contagious. It is hoped that funeral Masses from St Marys church can be viewed on the parish facebook page, however please understand that some family’s may not wish for the funeral Mass of their loved one to be put online. Due to poor internet quality in St Feichin’s church it is not possible to live stream the funeral Masses.

The Station Mass

Lent begins in a few weeks’ time. There is the tradition which begun a few years ago of having the station Mass in peoples homes and family and neighbours gathering. This is not possible this year. But if family’s would like to gather though zoom for Mass Fr Patrick would be happy to facilitate. All that is needed is reasonably good internet. Perhaps you have close family living in other parts of the country and you were unable to gather for important anniversary Masses perhaps gathering for Mass on zoom might help . Or perhaps you are already gathering on zoom as family and friends but maybe you find it awkward to know what to say or are running out of conversation or maybe you have not yet encountered zoom and wondering what it’s all about maybe this could provide an opportunity!
The Masses will hopefully take place on the Wednesdays of Lent (excluding Ash Wednesday). Please e mail the parish if you are interested

Parish Mass online
Please continue to join in Mass broadcast from our parish which you can find on the parish facebook page ‘collinstown + Fore Parish’

11.00am Sundays
7.00pm Mondays
10.15am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

There are also Stations of the Cross reflections from the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin and again these are shared on our parish facebook page. They have reflections on 3 stations of the cross every Friday at 3.00pm.

Parish Newsletter for 21 February 2021

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