Parish Newsletter for 25 July 2021

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Weekend Mass schedule

St Mary’s 7.30pm Vigil, 11.30am & 12.45pm Sunday.
St Feichin’s
4.45pm & 6.00pm Vigils, 10.00am Sunday.

Caring for our common home

We have all watched with horror the devastating floods that struck Germany and Belgium last week. We have also read of extraordinary high temperatures in different parts of the world. Places as far apart as the west coast of the US/Canada and New Zealand recorded record breaking temperatures. According to the United Nations the temperature in Antarctica reached 18.3 degrees which is unheard of. The question is; is this all coincidence or is there something else happening?

Pope Francis invites us to become active in caring for our common home. He offers a simple three step process to enable us do this. The three steps are; seeing, choosing and acting.

The first step is to see, to open our eyes to what is happening all around us. In order to see we need to listen and learn, take time to investigate and find our more. Ask yourself; what is happening to our common home? And more importantly, why is it happening?

Having discovered the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, the second step is to make a choice. The choice here is between ignoring what is happening or doing something. Again, ask yourself, knowing what I do, do I shrug my shoulders and adopt an attitude of ‘this has nothing to do with me’, or ‘the problem is so big what can I do about it’. Pope Francis would describe this as preferring blindness to sight. The other option is to choose to act.

To act involves taking concrete steps to do something. As individuals we can do something, as a parish we can do more and together we can do even more. Perhaps some of you would like to become Laudato Si animators. On completion of the course you can then inform, support and encourage others to become involved in caring for our common home. You can find our more information on If you sign up, don’t keep it to yourself, tell others what you are doing and encourage them to become involved. Imagine how animators could support and encourage others in our community and parish. It may seem small but it is a beginning, an active response to the invitation of Pope Francis to care for our common home.


A warm welcome for the first World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

Bishop Denis Nulty, chair of the Bishops’ Council for Marriage and the Family has welcomed Pope Francis’ World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, as a timely reminder for the whole Church to be close to all the elderly and grandparents at this time of pandemic.
Bishop Nulty said, “There have been so many unsung heroes and heroines during the pandemic – grandparents and elders, including our older priests and religious – all who are to be applauded for how they have coped with the challenges and uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a society we have learned a lot from their stoicism and pragmatism in the face of so many challenges.
“Throughout his papacy Pope Francis has reminded us to value the many gifts of grandparents and the elderly. In his theme chosen for this inaugural year I am with you always, the Holy Father is highlighting that promise of closeness that generations share with each other. Not only are our young people called to be present in the lives of older people, but so too grandparents and elders have a mission to encourage young people on their faith journey. Our little domestic churches are always enriched by the inclusion of grandparents and elders.
“In the text of his inaugural message Pope Francis expands on this theme and assures us that he has been close to all those who have felt isolated and alone in recent months and that, even at the darkest of moments, the Lord continues to send angels to console our loneliness and to remind us that ‘He is with us always’. Pope Francis tells us that these angels sent to console us will at times have the face of our grandchildren, while at other times, the face of family members, lifelong friends or those we have come to know during these trying times, when we have learned how important hugs and visits are for each of us.”

Pope Francis

In these days of hospitalization, I experienced once again how important is good healthcare that is accessible to all, as there is in Italy and in other countries. Free healthcare, that assures good service, accessible to everyone. This precious benefit must not be lost. It needs to be kept! And for this everyone needs to be committed, because it helps everyone and requires everyone’s contribution….

I would like to express my appreciation and my encouragement to the doctors and all the healthcare workers and staff of this and of other hospitals. They work so hard! And let us pray for all the sick. Here there are some friends, sick children…. Why do children suffer? Why children suffer is a question that touches the heart. Accompany them with prayer and pray for all those who are sick, especially for those in the most difficult conditions: may no one be left alone, may everyone receive the anointing of listening, closeness, tenderness and care. Let us ask this through the intercession of Mary, our Mother, Health of the Sick.
Pope Francis 11 July 2020

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Thursdays in St Mary’s church from 7.30pm – 9.30pm.

Priesthood and religious life.
If you think you might be interested in becoming a priest or religious you are welcome to chat to Fr Patrick to explore the idea further in confidence. Alternatively you can contact the Vocations Director and details can be found on

Mary’s church cleaning
A new cleaning rota is being put together. We urgently need people to join the cleaning teams. New people did volunteer in and around the lockdown- could those people contact Fr Patrick again through email. The more people we have the less of a burden it will be. It’s important especially during these times that our churches are kept clean.
All interested people please e mail

Baptisms take place on Saturday’s Time slots – 1.00pm, 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Bookings taken by e mail only
Please follow government guidelines regarding celebrations after the church ceremony.


First Holy Communion
First Holy Communion ceremonies in this parish will take place on 4 September. After the announcement this week this is subject to change due to the 4 wave of the virus.
When the health authoirties lift the restrictions announced during the week Bishop Tom will issue a date for the Confirmation.
50 people can attend the church ceremony.
50 people can attend funerals. But gathering for wakes and receptions after the burial is not permitted.

Sanitising of the churches after all ceremonies will continue. Face coverings have to be worn until the government state otherwise. Hand sanitising will continue.
When you arrive at your seat please fill the inside next the wall first.
Households must continue to sit separately and sit where the stewards direct, please be patient and follow the assistance of the stewards, they are there to keep everyone safe. ______________________________________________________

The Annual Parish Draw
The annual parish draw takes place on the 19 September.
1st Prize €10,000, 2nd Prize €1000 3rd prize €500


Please pray for Garrett Clinton, Ranaghan, who died in London. Son of Rosario and Noel Clinton.


Parish Finance
Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
Thanks to all those who are supporting the parish financially. Thanks to parishioners who are giving their offering on line. It is being carefully recorded in the same way as the physical envelope is. When contributing online please remember to include your envelope number.

Parish income last Sunday.
St Mary’s €280.04 St Feichin’s €174.57
St Mary’s €157.50 St Feichin’s €420
Donations through online banking for June €480
Thank you for your support.

Parish Administration
Safe Guarding
Parish Safe Guarding Children -Policy available in the Sacristy. Concerns contact the Parish Safeguarding reps- Elaine Leahy, Pauline Kennedy, Anna Marie McKenna.
The Designated Liaison Person is Marie O Sullivan
0833175742 Tusla 0469098560
Gardai National Protective Services Bureau: Tel. 01 6663430
For complaints procedure of any other information visit:

All consent forms and Adult Volunteer forms are securely locked in the Parish Office in compliance with GDPR.

Daily Mass for the Week ahead

St Mary’s church St Feichin’s church
Tuesday 7.00pm Wednesday 7.00pm
Thursday 10.00am
Friday 10.00am

Mass will continue to be streamed live.
St Mary’s church webcam –

St Feichin’s church webcam- Or go to Scroll down to find county and then find the church.

Parish Newsletter for 25 July 2021