Parish Newsletter for 28 March 2021 Palm Sunday

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Parish Webcams

Last Monday web cams were installed in St Mary’s church and St Feichin’s church. It means the quality of the broadcasts will be greatly improved. There will still be some teething problems for the next few weeks but hopefully if wont effect us too much. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as this is most compatible with the system. These are the links to the two churches

St Feichin’s church Fore Live Webcam Stream | iTech Media Live Streaming Fore (

In the early weeks I will make a note each day on the parish facebook page of when and where Mass will be broadcast from along with the direct link. But in time hopefully you can rely on the Parish newsletter for the times and go directly to webpage to view the ligurgies from our parish. On your Laptop / Mobile phone / Tablet. Go to Google Chrome in your browser.
Type in
Once in the site, click in ‘Search for your Church’, and start to type in the name of the Church and the Church will appear. Click on the play button to view live stream.

A Roku Device. This is the most reliable method to watch Mass. This little stick / device plugs into the back of your TV. This is available from Currys PC World priced at £29.99 / €35.
Available from Argos

Roku Stick instructions for setup
Plug stick into the back of your TV into the HDMI Port and using the remote control connect to your WIFI
Go to Home Screen and push across to the right Push up until you see ‘Add Channel’ and select Select ‘Search Channel’ and type in Church Media Church Media – Live Streaming will appear
Select and then select ‘Add Channel’
Push ‘Home’ Button and Church Media will appear on your Home screen. Select your chosen Church to join mass.


Mass during these restrictions will be streamed live.
A recording will also be available after 90 minutes and will be available for the day.

Sunday 28 March
Sarah Bardon
Bart & Maura Fitzsimons
Gary O Brien, son Gerry & deceased family members
James & Catherine Rowe

Easter Sunday
Jack Salmon, Madge Salmon & Mary Ann Ryan
John Denehan
Frank & Nancy McKenna
James & Eileen Gilsenan & sons John, Mat, Eugene, Thady & James


Guest Speakers during Holy Week

For Holy Week this year we are delighted to have two local guest speakers to lead us in inspiriting reflections for this special week. Mary Stefanazzi will give a reflection during the morning ceremonies and Mike Kelly will give a reflection during the evening ceremonies.
We are encouraging as many people to join us on the parish webcams for these special ceremonies and reflections. Different ways in which you can interact in the ceremonies have been detailed over leaf and we encourage you to get involved!
Parish Finance
Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
Thanks to all those who are supporting the Parish financially during these unprecedented times, it is greatly appreciated. Fr Patrick understands that many are not in a position to do so due to loss of work and change in circumstances.
Those who wish to continue their weekly contribution to the Parish can drop their parish envelope through the letter box of the Parochial House.
Thanks to those who are storing up the envelopes and hope to bring them to Mass when the Government lifts the restrictions.
Thanks to parishioners who are giving their offering on line. It is being carefully recorded in the same way as the physical envelope is. When contributing online please remember to include your envelope number.

Prayer corner in your home

If you don’t already have one perhaps for Holy Week have a special table, book shelf, wide window ledge, etc as a prayer space. If you have a young family encourage them also to take charge of it. It can consist of candles, religious picture or picture of a favourite saint, a cross or crucifix. On the various days of Holy week make various changes to the space
Palm Sunday – Add some blessed Palm and light a new candle to mark the start of Holy Week. Have one unlit candle to light on Easter Sunday
Holy Thursday – Cover the cross with some material and unveil it on Good Friday when the cross in the church is being unveiled
Good Friday – Place pictures of loved ones who have died in the prayer space.
Holy Saturday night Add fresh Flowers light the unlit candle
Easter Sunday Add pictures of the ‘Living’- Family and friends, neighbours and work collegues.

Holy Week Schedule


Every household in the parish is encouraged to put together a time capsule. During Holy Week collect special small items, write about what’s happening in the world, local community and your family. In the week ahead perhaps try and get a strong water tight container to place the items in.

St Marys church

St Feichins church

I have provided the links for each of the ceremonies, if they dont work go to

Palm Sunday

10.45am Blessing of Palm Parish Facebook page
11.00am Mass

8.00pm Prayer for the Evening Guest speaker Mary Stefanazzi

For Holy Week perhaps place a bunch of palm tied together with red ribbon on your front door.

Perhaps get a new candle and light it at the beginning of the Palm Sunday Mass and light it during the week for each of the ceremonies.


10.00am Mass
Guest Speaker Mary Stefanazzi

8.00pm Prayer for the Evening St Feichin’s
Guest speaker Mike Kelly


10.00am Mass
Guest Speaker Mary Stefanazzi

8.00pm Prayer and reflection S
Guest speaker Mike Kelly

Spy Wednesday

10.00am Mass
Guest Speaker Mary Stefanazzi

8.00pm Prayer and reflection St Feichin’s
Guest speaker Mike Kelly

Holy Thursday

10.00am Prayer and reflection
Guest Speaker Mary Stefanazzi

8.00pm Mass of the Lords Supper
Guest speaker Mike Kelly

10.00pm Prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament

Perhaps as a family or household have a simple evening meal together sitting at the table after Mass ends. Chat and sit longer than usual at the table sharing stories and memories.
During the Mass you will be encouraged to wash each others hands or feet (whichever is easiest or whichever is most fun!) so have a bowl, a jug of water and a towel at hand.

Tonight might be a good opportunity to write your ‘family story’ and gather together and write about special memories to place in your time capsule.

Good Friday

10.00am Prayer and Reflection
Guest Speaker Mary Stefanazzi

3.00pm The Lords Passion St Feichin’s

8.00pm Prayer around the Cross
Guest speaker Mike Kelly

On this day we eat very simply, traditionally people did not eat meat or drink alcohol, but perhaps there is a different way for you to mark the day. Perhaps encourage more silence and pay attention to the natural sounds you hear in creation free from the radio/tv/music

Perhaps in your prayer corner place a crucifix/cross and cover it with cloth and during the 3.00pm ceremony uncover it as the cross in the church is uncovered. Maybe place pictures or memorial cards of loved ones who have died in your prayer corner for this day.

Holy Saturday

10.00am Prayer and reflection
Guest speaker Mike Kelly

8.00pm The Easter Vigil St Feichin’s
Again encourage stillness and quietness and listen to the natural sounds in creation.
In the evening place fresh flowers in your prayer corner. Move the pictures of those who died to the background and add pictures of the ‘Living’ – family and friends to the front of the prayer space.
For your time capsule encourage everyone in the house to write their hopes and dreams for the future.

Easter Sunday
11.00am Mass
Today is a day of celebration and a chance as a family to enjoy nice food play music and spend time together. Perhaps on this day pay more attention to each other and leave aside the social media/video games and tv. Pick a place in your garden to bury your time capsule, bury it deep enough and place a special stone on top after filling in the clay so as to mark the spot. Open it Easter Sunday 2050 which is the 10 April.

Parish Newsletter for 28 March 2021 Palm Sunday

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