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First Holy Communion 2020
St Feichin’s church 4 July 11.00am
St Marys church 11 July 11.00am

Confirmation 2020
Bishop Tom will confirm candidates from our parish on the 25 July at 11.00am in St Mary’s church.

Information regarding these celebrations have been sent out through the school
Preparing to celebrate Mass together again.

The Government have announced that resumption of the public celebration of the Sacraments can take place on Monday 29 June provided everything goes according to plan in the next few weeks. This is very welcome news but it must be remembered ‘we are not going back to normal’.
The Bishops have stated that “the Sunday obligation has been dispensed with for the time being”. Mass on any day of the week will suffice. If you have a cough/sniffle/illness please do not attend Mass. If you have an underlining illness and are nervous about large gatherings do not attend. All those in this category can ask a family member to bring them Holy Communion. We will organise this towards the end of July when things settle a bit.

The following guidelines, are subject to change as we learn more. They are to help you on returning to Mass in this parish and to give you peace pf mind. Some of the guidelines look burdensome but they are there to keep you and those around you safe.

Arriving at the Church
It is recommended that you arrive earlier than usual. If there are a lot of people arriving at the same time you will have to queue adhering to the markings on the ground which enable social distancing. Please be aware that when the church reaches capacity some people will have to remain outside. Entrance will be by the main door only- the side doors will be for exit only. Feel free to wear a face covering. A steward will welcome you at the porch and invite you to sanitise your hands and you will wait to be seated. Another steward will take you to your seat. Seating restrictions have been put in place in both our churches with every third row available for seating with two people per row (more if a household sits together). Unfortunately it will no longer be possible for you to ‘sit where you have always sat’. You are asked to be understanding and follow the directions of the steward.

During Mass
In the early weeks we will try to keep it short as distribution of Holy Communion will take longer.
Ministers of Holy Communion and Ministers of the Word will sit around the Altar.
Due to social distancing in the sacristy and the sharing of gowns there will sadly be no altar servers for the foreseeable future.
The ‘Sunday envelope and basket collection’ will be taken up at the doors of the church and you can make your offering entering or exiting and it can be made at the weekday or Sunday Mass.
For the distribution of Holy Communion please follow the direction of stewards and the priest. The Ministers of Holy Communion will be wearing a plastic face shield and face covering – this is for your protection and the ministers. Reception of Holy Communion will be on the Hand only.

Exiting the Church
Please follow the direction of the stewards as people leave row by row and practising social distancing. You may wish to sanitise your hands as you leave the church. Please do not linger outside the church exits, if you wish to chat please move a good distance from the door and remember to practise social distancing when chatting. Toilets will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Statues and candle shrines have been located at the back of the churches, the main body of the church will remain cordoned off outside of Mass times for the foreseeable future. This is to minimise spread of infection.
It will not be possible to light a candle at the shine before or after Mass in order to keep social distancing. You are welcome to do so throughout the rest of the day.

Meeting Fr Patrick
During this pandemic no one is permitted to enter the sacristy except Fr Patrick and the Sacristan. If you wish to meet Fr Patrick after Mass to book Masses, baptisms, weddings, Mass Cards- it will take place in a safer area which will have a perspex screen. For St Mary’s church it will be the Parish Pastoral Centre and for St Feichin’s it will be at the back of the church (this will mean re- entering the church again). If at all possible please e mail Fr Patrick regarding bookings and Mass intentions.

What happens after Mass
Immediately after Mass and worshippers have left the building by the side doors only, trained parish volunteers will sanitise the entire interior to a high standard, including the air, with a special machine. Door handles will be washed down, vessels for Holy Communion will be washed and disinfected.

We urgently need stewards for our weekend Masses and also for our weekday Masses.
The steward’s main priority will be to reassure parishioners as they come to the church for Mass especially during the early weeks. They will also help in showing parishioners to their seats so that we can fit as many parishioners into the churches in what will be a very limited capacity due to the 2 metre social distancing – 60 places in St Marys 35 places in St Feichin’s, more capacity if a household sits together. Stewards will also gently help parishioners to exit slowly keeping the 2 metre social distancing.
The advantage of being a steward is that you won’t have to queue to get into Mass and you will be guaranteed a place at Mass! Without stewards the bishop and health authorities will not permit us to have public celebrations of the Mass. Each parish will have to make available a detailed plan of how they will keep people safe while attending Mass and other public celebrations such as funerals and weddings. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Mass Schedule from 29 June
Because of restricted numbers extra Masses will be available. The extra Masses will be reviewed every few weeks and where they are not needed they will be dropped. Needless to say after all restrictions have been lifted regarding social distancing these extra Masses will all be dropped.
If you attend Mass during the weekdays it may be best not to attend at the weekend in order that all people who want to attend at least one Mass each week can do so. This will be monitored and dropped as social distancing is lessened and more capacity becomes available in the churches at the weekend.

Weekend Mass
St Feichin’s
Vigil 5.00pm (extra Mass)
Sunday 10.00am

St Mary’s
Vigil 7.30pm
Sunday 11.30am
1.00pm (extra Mass)

For those who are nervous about sitting in the church building during the early weeks or who are semi cocooning for various reasons, during the early weeks Fr Patrick will be available in the church from 2.00pm – 3.00pm on Sundays to administer Holy Communion near the main entrance of the church.

Weekday Mass.
St Mary’s church Monday – Friday 10.00am
St Feichin’s church – Monday – Thursday 7.30pm
These weekday Masses may change from week to week so please check the newsletter.

Meeting for Ministers of the Eucharist in preparation for Celebration of Masses
St Feichins church Tuesday 7.30pm
St Mary’s church Wednesday 7.30pm
All ministers must attend this short meeting. New measures will be introduced and explanation and demonstration on how to put on and safely remove PPE gear which will be worn by all ministers when they administer Holy Communion.

Meeting for Stewards/volunteers
St Feichin’s church Tuesday 8.00pm
St Mary’s church Wednesday 8.00pm
More Stewards are needed, those who volunteered for cleaning please attend this meeting.

Sunday and weekday Masses will be celebrated in private
Saturday 13 June Michael McCormack
Matthew snr, Brigid, Michael, Matthew jnr. & Nora Fagan
Sunday 14 June Ned Peg & Kate Murtagh

Monday Private intention
Tuesday Parish Mass Cards
Wednesday Private intention
Thursday Private intention Friday Private intention

Saturday 13 June Fergus Dunne
Sunday 14 June Patrick Gallagher
Richard Duffy
Feichin Nolan and parents Michael & Kathleen & deceased family members
Cemetery Sunday
To mark Cemetery Sunday this year in the parish, a prayer service from the parish is available from our parish Facebook page – collinstown + fore parish
Or follow the link –
Parish Mass Cards available
Please contact Fr Patrick by e mail. Mass Bouquets and Masses for the dead. Intentions will as usual be included in 3 Tuesday Masses celebrated by Fr Patrick and the donation of €10 goes towards the payment of the diocesan levy on the parish each year for the Retired Priests Fund.
Prayer life in our Parish
Fr Patrick celebrates Mass each day in private in the Oratory located in the Parochial House for the intentions of all parishioners and for the Mass intentions that have been booked. Parishioners are encouraged to set some time aside each day for family or individual prayer.
Parish Finance
Thanks to all those who are supporting the Parish financially during these unprecedented times, it is greatly appreciated.Fr Patrick understands that many are not in a position to do so due to loss of work and change in circumstances.

Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274

Parish Newsletter for the 14th June 2020 Corpus Christi