Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Sacrament of the Eucharist

Sunday and weekday Masses will be celebrated in private
Saturday 16 May
Thady Gilsenan,
Michael Carroll & deceased family members
John McDonnell,
Thomas Smyth

Sunday 17 May
Jacqui Carter
Deceased members of the Mc Donnell family
Billy Connell

Monday Private intention
Tuesday Parish Mass Cards
Wednesday Private intention
Thursday Private intention
Friday Private intention

Saturday 23May Mass offered for everyone buried in local cemeteries
Sunday 24 May Mass offered for everyone buried in local cemeteries

Prayer of Protection
Jesus Christ you travelled through towns and villages curing every disease and illness. Come to our aid now, that we may experience your healing love and protection. Amen

Prayer life in our Parish
Fr Patrick celebrates Mass each day in private in the Oratory located in the Parochial House for the intentions of all parishioners and for the Mass intentions that have been booked. Parishioners are encouraged to set some time aside each day for family or individual prayer.

St Mary’s & St Feichin’s churches
Both churches in our parish are open during these Easter Days. If you are passing as part of your daily exercise you are welcome to visit the Easter Garden or light a candle. Please note due to the virus doors will be left open with the main body of the church cordoned off – parishioners are only permitted into the back of the church so as to reduce the spread of infection.

Cemetery Sunday
Cemetery Sunday 2020 takes place next weekend.
Fr Patrick will offer Masses on that weekend for all buried in our local cemeteries and will bless the graves on that weekend privately.
It is probable that large crowds, as seen at cemetery Sunday, may not be able to gather over the next 12 months.

Parishioners are encouraged to gather pictures of loved ones who have died and to place those pictures on a special table in your home for that weekend and light a candle and place some flowers.

Important that we don’t abandon important traditions that bring us comfort. Instead let us find new ways of living out traditions that are important to our lives and that give comfort. The tradition of setting aside a weekend in summer to remember our dead and connect as family should not be lost.

When we contemplate that God loves everyone as much as he loves us, we think of everyone in a new way.

Everyone is special to God. The love we know God has for ourselves is also the love God also has for the person beside me, in front of me, behind me, for my neighbor who goes to a different church, for the people I may not particularly like, and the people who may not particularly like me. We are all God’s beloved.

And because everyone is so special to God who loves us so much we want to love everyone also. So the second command of Jesus in the Gospel today, to love my neighbor as myself (Mark 12:31), which summarizes Commandments four through ten, is not so much a command but the natural thing to do when we realize how much God loves everyone. Everyone is in some way a reflection of God, of the God who loves us, and so we want to love the reflection of God in others.

When we love God and love our neighbor as ourselves, what happens? We become more like God. We are filled with the light of God.


Preparing to celebrate Mass Together again.

As you know the Government have indicated that public Masses will be permitted in churches from 20 July as long as certain conditions are met. This date could be moved closer or postponed depending on the virus.

It’s important to remember that things won’t be ‘going back to normal’. We have to get used to living with this virus until a vaccine is found which will probably be this time next year at the very earliest. It looks like face coverings will be expected to be worn by everyone in the church building and other public places.

A number of questions need to be addressed in how we celebrate Mass together. Realistically can choirs lead music given social distancing restrictions? How will church music be led? Could choir members take turns on their own at leading the congregation in song with the help of an instrumentalist? How are church collections to be taken up at the weekend? How do we queue to receive Holy Communion, how do we exit the church in a way that complies with social distancing?

With current social distancing of 2 metres St Mary’s church will only have capacity for less than 60 people and St Feichin’s for no more than 30 people. These numbers can be increased if households sit together and come to the same Mass. Will more weekend Masses be needed? Who will wash down the seats after each Mass, not just for a few weekends but for the next 12 months and after each ceremony. And how will we ensure correct numbers of people are in the church?
As I said we won’t be ‘going back to normal’ until a vaccine is got and therefore how we gather for Mass each weekend will be greatly affected. So it’s important that we come up with ideas and solutions in these weeks so as to be ready when public Masses begin.

I imagine for everything to go smoothly we will need a large number of volunteers – stewards and cleaners. I would like if those in the parish who are not already volunteers in the parish to help in this. I do not wish to add to the load of those who are already volunteering. Please contact Fr Patrick by e mail or drop a note in the letter box if you are willing to help. I am probably looking for over 8 stewards for St Feichins and 12 for St Marys (allowing for extra Masses). Stewards would divide into teams and would only have to steward one Mass each. They would meet parishioners at the church door and bring them directly to their seat. The same number of cleaners, divided into teams would also be needed in order to get the job done quickly.

Without parishioners help and cooperation the authorities will not let us gather together for Mass. I will hold a meeting towards the end of June with these volunteers when we will know more of what our responsibilities are. Training will be provided. ‘Hand sanitizing stations’ have been ordered for the entrances to each church

It will all take a bit of getting used to and some learning along the way. If we approach it in the right manner it should bring our community even closer together.

Let us continue to remember each other in prayer.
Fr Patrick
Parish Mass Cards now available
Those who wish to purchase Parish Mass Cards please contact Fr Patrick by e mail. Mass Bouquets and Masses for the dead. Intentions will as usual be included in 3 Tuesday Masses celebrated by Fr Patrick and the donation of €10 goes towards the payment of the diocesan levy on the parish each year for the Retired Priests Fund.

Parish Finance
Thanks to all those who are supporting the Parish financially during these unprecedented times, it is greatly appreciated.Fr Patrick understands that many are not in a position to do so due to loss of work and change in circumstances.

Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
When contributing online please indicate your name and envelope number so we can credit you at the years end.
A big thanks to parishioners who are contributing through this method.

Thanks to those who are dropping their parish envelope through the letter box of the Parochial House and thanks to those who are storing up the envelopes and hope to bring them to Mass when the Government lifts the restrictions.

Hopefully this challenging time will pass soon and the most important reality is to keep safe and look after each other.
Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement.
Message from Lough Lene Gaels
During these tough times we are here for you.
We all live close to someone elderly or vulnerable in our Community so PLEASE pick up the phone and check in on them and reassure them they are not forgotten about.
Over the coming weeks Lough Lene Gaels Club will be offering assistance to those in our community who are either unable to get out to get their shopping/Medicine’s & Fuel or who are uncomfortable to do so.
There are many people in our Community who are not on social media so if you or anyone you know would like to avail of this assistance please pass on the following numbers.
Sharon Burns 0879505472
Orla Gallagher 0876996281
Cathal Murtagh 0872579467
Christo Murtagh 0861706029
Barry O’Donnell 0872559178
Robert Masterson 0877864345
John Molly 0872810046
Stay Safe everyone we are all in this together and we care about your wellbeing.

Parish Newsletter for the 17th May 2020

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