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Mass during these restrictions will be streamed live.
Celebration of the Eucharist for the Week ahead
All Masses will be streamed live from the churches
St Mary’s church webcam –

St Feichin’s church webcam-
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Saturday 24April 6.00pm
Special Intention

Sunday 25 April 11.00pm
Geraldine Clogher
Ned, Peg & Kate Murtagh & deceased members of the Murtagh family

Saturday 1 May 6.00pm
Special Intention

Sunday 2 May 11.00pm
Thomas & Jane Daly
Mary & Jim Noone

Monday 7.00pm St Feichin’s Church
Tuesday 10.00am St Mary’s church
Wednesday 10.00am St Mary’s church
Thursday 8.30am St Mary’s church (note early time)
Saturday 6.00pm St Feichin’s church
Sunday 11.00am St Mary’s church

Parish Finance
Bank online details :
IBAN : IE26 BOFI 90185357124274
Thanks to all those who are supporting the Parish financially during these unprecedented times, it is greatly appreciated.
Fr Patrick understands that many are not in a position to do so due to loss of work and change in circumstances.
Those who wish to continue their weekly contribution to the Parish can drop their parish envelope through the letter box of the Parochial House.
Thanks to those who are storing up the envelopes and hope to bring them to Mass when the Government lifts the restrictions.
Thanks to parishioners who are giving their offering on line. It is being carefully recorded in the same way as the physical envelope is. When contributing online please remember to include your envelope number.

Central to our baptism is our vocation. All of us are called to be partners with God in Jesus Christ in the saving of the world.
Today we pray that the church, that is all of us, may want to serve the Lord. A particular prayer is that some young people may respond in priesthood or religious life. But this Sunday is to refresh and celebrate our common vocation. Our primary vocation is the call to follow and serve Christ in Baptism.
We are called to love in priesthood, single life, religious life, marriage. All called to do the best we can for God in our lives.
To the young there is a question today – can you wonder how you can make a difference to the world; think of generosity in making your decisions? Can you get to know Jesus and follow him?
Every age has its way of following, and especially serving where human needs are greatest. This is among people today outside the ordinary who need our care – migrants, homeless, situations of suicide, people lost, lonely, and the elderly, who are often lonely and neglected. The call today is to find out in the larger world who are neglected and go there.
Baptism is a privilege not a burden. We are to enjoy that we are called by God, to pray, to love and to serve.
This is our faith, the faith of the church and we are proud to profess it.
Donal Neary SJ

Celebration of the Sacraments

As yet no date has been given for the resumption of Public Worship.
Once Public Worship resumes the Diocesan Office will issue the dates for Confirmation. It looks like it will be similar to last year with a ceremony for each school with parents, sponsor and candidate the only ones allowed to attend. The parish has no say on the dates of Confirmation. If the particular date does not suit families, you have the option of going to a different parish for the ceremony and Fr Patrick will assist you in this. All this will be communicated to parents in a letter when dates are announced.

Baptismal ceremonies will resume a few weeks after Public Masses resume and will be announced here.

First Holy Communion dates will be given a few weeks after public Masses resume. A letter will be sent to the families.

Again it must be remembered at this early stage it depends on what government recommend as they might prefer that such celebrations wait until the Autumn.

The Parish/Church of the Future

This past twelve months has changed the face of parish for all of us. All our churches have been closed for public worship for seven out of the past twelve months and some parishes have suffered even longer lockdowns because of local restrictions. While our celebration of the Mass, which is central to our faith as priests and people has been offered behind closed doors, the parish doors have remained wide open bringing good news to the poor, liberty to captives and to the blind new sight. While our parish outreach is nourished very much by the Eucharist, it’s mandate is missioned by our baptism. That moment we were anointed with the oil of catechumens and chrism.

“On Chrism night it is good for us to ask what we understand by parish now and what will it be like in the future? Some might say it is still too early to consider the implications of the pandemic for parish life. We all accept the virtual has redrawn parish boundaries. The virtual has dried up the stream, has flattened the ditch, and much closer to home, has crossed the bridge! We didn’t need a pandemic to tell us the way we minister was already fraying at the edges. Let us not blame everything on Covid -19.”
Returning to public worship will not be as simple as switching on the lights and opening the church doors. We must reflect on how we celebrate Mass and when we celebrate Mass. Maybe we had too many Masses for a Mass going population that was instinctively already socially distancing in churches? Maybe we need to collaborate closer with neighbouring parishes coordinating schedules and times? Maybe we have to reflect on how we celebrate, asking ourselves are we allowing all the elements to speak? This is the work of the immediacy of Luke’s text this Chrism night. It reminds us we are re visioning the post pandemic parish as we speak. And this is only a start.

“The oils that are blessed today reassure us we are never abandoned, we are never on our own. Our sacred signs and gestures are grounded in the life and ministry of Jesus. It’s not our work, it’s His work. We are merely instruments in His hands, all of us anointed at baptism and confirmation; more of us anointed at ordination. Let the oils speak. Let us be signs of hope in a world that needs such hope. And let us be brave not simply to pander to an understandable hunger by some – simply to receive Christ’s body without actually becoming His body. Transforming our parishes to be His body where every person in the parish has a voice and every person is heard. This is synodality at its best and we look forward to travelling where it brings us as parishes and diocese over the coming months and years.”

Bishop Denis Nulty
excerpt from Sermon for the Chrism Mass

Parish Cemeteries
In the last few weeks the wall and entrance to St Mary’s cemetery was painted and it looks fantastic. Thanks to the Colin McDonagh who took on the job voluntarily and did such a professional job. The walls and entrance never looked as well.

Unfortunately people are dumping their old wreaths and pots into the edges of both cemeteries, some of the rubbish spills onto peoples graves or is left lying close by and this as you can imagine is very distressing for the families concerned. Please bring home all used materials. It really is disrespectful to the dead and unfair on people having to dispose of your rubbish. The parish is committed to keeping the grass cut and weeds sprayed as best we can but keeping the cemetery tidy and free of rubbish should be a community effort.
Well done to everyone who keeps their plot tidy throughout the year and who bring home their used materials.
Thanks to Collinstown Tidy Towns for doing a tidy up in St Mary’s cemetery, it is really appreciated. If everyone played their part they wouldn’t have to do it.

Priesthood and religious life.
This weekend we pray in a particular way for more priests and religious.
If you think you might be interested in becoming a priest or religious you are welcome to chat to Fr Patrick to explore the idea further in confidence. Alternatively you can contact the Vocations Director and details can be found on

Parish Webcams
Web cams have been installed in St Mary’s church and St Feichin’s church. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as this is most compatitble with the system.
In the early weeks I will make a note each day on the parish facebook page of when and where Mass will be broadcast from along with the direct link. But in time hopefully you can rely on the Parish newsletter for the times and go directly to .
On your Laptop / Mobile phone / Tablet. Go to Google Chrome in your browser.
Once in the site, click in ‘Search for your Church’, and start to type in the name of the Church and the Church will appear. Click on the play button to view live stream.

A Roku Device. This is the most reliable method to watch Mass. This little stick / device plugs into the back of your TV. This is available from Currys PC World priced at £29.99 / €35.
Available from Argos

Roku Stick instructions for setup
Plug stick into the back of your TV into the HDMI Port and using the remote control connect to your WIFI
Go to Home Screen and push across to the right Push up until you see ‘Add Channel’ and select Select ‘Search Channel’ and type in Church Media Church Media – Live Streaming will appear
Select and then select ‘Add Channel’
Push ‘Home’ Button and Church Media will appear on your Home screen. Select your chosen Church to join mass.

Parish Newsletter for the 25 April 2021

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