Pass your pre loved Christmas Jumpers to us please!!

We want your pre-loved Christmas Jumpers please.. and any other novelty Christmas clothes you have for that matter.

One Small Change

Encouraged by Collinstown Tidy Towns and the Action Group’s One Small Change Campaign we are organising a sale of pre loved Christmas Jumpers with all funds going to St. Mary’s NS Parent’s Association.  We hope to encourage the whole community to get involved in this Reuse initiative.

How can you help?

If you have Christmas jumpers that will be too small for children this year – or even adult ones that you are sick of looking at for the last number of years, please send them our way.  Babygros, t shirts, dresses, shirts and ties – any clothing once it is of the Christmas Novelty variety, clean and in good condition will also be accepted.  Hopefully there are a lot of these items in bags waiting to be moved on…


Donations will be accepted from now until early November with the sale taking place at the Farmer’s Market in mid November – just in time for all the Christmas celebrations.  We will confirm details of the sale in the coming weeks, but for now please start seeking out novelty Christmas clothing to donate.

Donations can be given to Mary Duffy, Tara Cooney or Vickii Griffith.

The initial idea for this came from the Parent and Toddler Group Group but they are kindly passing the idea over to raise funds for St. Mary’s NS.

Pass your pre loved Christmas Jumpers to us please!!

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